Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pregnancy still going....updates

Ok, so I am being the best wife ever and trying to stay pregnant past my due date for Chauncey's clinic schedule. My doctoe is only in the hospital on-call Tuessay morning, then he will be there all day Friday from 6 to 6. Big Chauncey has a really hard(and awesome) case that he has schedule Tuesday from 12-5 that he shouldn't be allowed to do but HIS preceptor is letting him, so this is a rare and wonderful priviledge for him in Dental School. He really doesn't want to have the baby that day because of this.
I really want my doctor to deliver me...and having the baby friday morning means alone hospital time with my husband and new girl....
so I am trying to hold off. I still feel really great....although....
last night and again this morning my body started having contractions all on its own and for the first time this entire I will keep everyone posted...... and some 40 week pictures to come!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have definantely been busy sweing many things to redecorate both the older kids roo and the nursery. I completely redid both rooms. The boys room isn't done only because I haven't gotten the quilts back from being quilted. I did make the window panels, pillow shams and each of them a large twin sized quilt. I can't wait to post those pictures as soon as I get them back!

Another result of nesting would be this car seat cover I made Tuesday nite. Anna helped me and it was so easy! I am going to cover the canopy as well because the black is faded. I am going to Joanns to try and find a pink with black polka dot fabric. Won't that look so chic?

The Nursery is Finished

I redecorated the nursery on accident. I just was planning on making a practice first quilt, then ended up keeping it because I liked it so much, then redecorated the nursery out of the material in it! I made the quilt, changing pad cover, and recieving blankets and crib skirt. I also made a cover to cover the brown dresser that didn't match. I think it all turned out well.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jackson's First Day of Preschool

Here is my bashful little Jackson on his first day of Preschool. This picture really illustrates how much he wanted to start school!

Little Chauncey's First Day of Kindergarden

Today was a very exciting and emotionally draining day for me more than little Chauncey I am sure. I went with him for the first half of the day, then left for the second half. He was definantly comfortable and in his element at school. I was not.

Here are a few pictures I took as the first time Kindergarden parent! He hasn't gotten home yet for me to report how he thought his first day of school went. More later.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

7 Year Anniversary picture-Do we really look 7 years older?

I wanted to try to compare how we look now to 7 years ago. This picture was taken last friday after date nite. What do you think?

I think Chauncey looks older....or maybe just hairier. I personally think I look just as young, and even better now! And no, I don't suffer from lack of confidence!

For our anniversary we were very boring and just went to dinner last date nite. Oh well, we can do something more fun next year when there is an income. We still had a great time and its always fun to reminece together about our lives thus far.

Monday, August 25, 2008

8 Years Ago Today...

A week before this picture was taken, and the same nite I met Chauncey I told my roommates that I knew that I was going to meet my husband that year. Not that this is what I really wanted to happen when I was only 19, I had big plans on going on a mission. But, I still knew that that was going to be my fate that year.
A few hours later, I met Chauncey at an opening social on the intermural fields up at Ricks College.

This is one of our very first encounters. The first week we met. I knew this day that I felt about Chauncey differently than I had ever felt about anyone before. I had had several times where I thought I loved the person I was seeing, but none of those feelings could ever compare to the way I felt about him on this day and every day since.

7 Years Ago Today....

Since the first day I met Chauncey I always thought, and later said that He was too good to be true. Even on the morning that He was to pick me up and take me to the Temple to be Sealed together, I really didn't think he would show up. It was just too good to be true!
Who ever actually gets thier Fairy Tale come true? I now believe in Fairly Tales!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

11 Days before my due Date and counting...

I am trying to push my belly out more here....looks cute huh?!
4 days ago my doctor said she was 6 and 1/4 pounds.

I can't believe how pregnant I am! I am still loving being pregnant and not at all ready to not be! I think I am mostly not ready because both the boys have orientations and start thier schools on Tuesady and Thursday. Then my mom flies in Sunday. Once she gets here, I will hopefully feel readybecause I am having her the next day!

I didn't know which picture showed how big my baby is, so I posted several.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Girls Night...A Celebration

A Belly shot...
Chelle enjoying conversations.
Shannon, Krystal and I.

Jessie, Steph, Emily, and Meghan.
We had fun conversations that went on for hours and I had no idea time passed by so fast.

My wonderful and amazing friends Liz Durrant and Rochelle Wilde had a Girls Night in my and Baby Girls Honor last nite at Liz's house. I had so much fun! It was exactly what I needed...a fun night filled with hours of social time with most of my closest friends and tons of great Candy! Rochelle and Liz know my needs well and took care of them to perfection!

Thanks so much to all of my dear and wonderful friends for making the time to have such a special nite for me! I love you all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kate's Hair

I have had so many people ask how I do Kate's hair so I promised a few that I would post pictures. This is two rows from top to bottom of twists. My favorite is the do the same thing but in a crown all the way around her head. You can do almost anything with twists!
I also love weaving thin ribbons through it. This kind of hair do last 4-5 days and takes one cartoon to complete from beginning to end if I am doing her whole head.

Twists, or sometimes called topsie tails. All they are is a ponytail slit in front in half, then the tail part being brought through the front and tightened. Thats mostly what I do with her hair because it is still pretty fine, and kinda still too short.

Baby Names list

Liz gave me a baby names book last nite and Chauncey and I made a "final" list. Here are the 4 names that made the finals cut.

My order:

2. Bella
3. Haley
4. Kali

Chaunceys order:

1. Bella
2. Haley
3. Kali
4. Amelia

Chauncey is claiming this to be his turn to name her, so we will see.
Thank you soooooooo much to all those great baby name ideas you sent our way. I considered each one and really appreciated all of your names! (I am still secretly completely set on Amelia, so this is all for Chauncey really!! We wil lsee what happenes because it is only fair for him to get to name one of his children!!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jack's 4th Birthday: Cake and Presents

We had a fantastic 4th Birthday for my Jackson! Heres the rundown of his special day:
9 am 5 friends come over for his party. We play 4 different games, cake, ice cream, presents for all.
11am we leave for McDonalds and the waterpark. He gets a happy meal STAR WARS and gets a Darth Vader flight toy.
We go to the waterpark for about 3 or more hours until he is ready to go.
4 pm Go to Cold Stone Creamery and get Jack a Chocolate Cake Batter ice cream with Sprinkles, choc. chips and m&m's.
Next....Game Stop to pick out a Wii game(or three).
6 pm arrive home where his presents we got him were waiting.
I will post those next. He got a Storm Trooper voice activated helment, a light up Darth Vader Light Saber, and a few SW new figures.
8:30, lights out.
What a fun Birthday! Thank you for being you Jack Jack! We love you!!
Jack giving his presents to hisfriends at the end of the party.
Jack playing the Chocolate coin search game at the end of the festivities.

Here is Jack opening his Horton book from Grandma/pa West. Kate loves the elephant.
Jack opening a singing card from Mamaw.

Kiana Woddy gets her gift from Jack.

Do you think he liked Harrison's Darth Maul gift?

Kate even loved it!

Enjoying the Mario cake.

He loved the star wars figure from Link too.

They were trick candles so Kate spent some time blowing one out too.