Sunday, July 6, 2008

Eighth Month Pregnant Pictures

I am 32 weeks in this picture(taken today). I had Jack 3 weeks from now, and Kate and Chauncey 5 weeks from now. I am planning on the long stretch this time around, a whole new experience! So hopefully I have 7 weeks left!

OUR summer Days at the Waterpark....

We go to thw waterpark twice a week all summer long. It is the best part of living here! Kate LOVES all the waterslides this year, as do the boys. It is such a great place to just enjoy playing together as a family.
I am posting about a million pictures because I rarely take our camera into the park for obvious reasons. So, this may be the only pictures posted all summer, so enjoy!

Kate and I go down even the bigger slides together!
And she LOVES it!
We spend about every saturday with our family friends the Whites, and Krystal and I go together once a week with the kids. It is so fun spending these days with them too!

Chauncey and Jack waiting for the HUGE bucket of water to drop on them!
Kate is fearless on the waterslides.

Jack and Kate go down the slides together holding hands sometimes.

Head first is the best!

Or backwards...

Chauncey diving into the water off the slide.

Our Fourth of July

We started the day at a Lake/trails where we did a treasure hunt with clues with the Wilde Family. No pictures to show for it bewcause I forgot the memory card in the camera. Oh well.
Then we spent the evening with our friends the Whites and the Wildes. We went to the beach right next to downtown Cleveland where we bbq'd, played in the sand, talked, and played some football.
Then we moved over to a better viewing area and some grass to get ready to see the fireworks show. It was great. The kids did thier little Fireworks while we waited for the big ones to begin.
What a great and memorable Fourth. Thanks guys!
Her first firework.
Little Chauncey getting Kate in Football.
Behind us is the downtown buildings in the great city of Cleveland.
Kate laughing.
What is 4th of July without a friendly football game?
Little Chauncey getting rid of the ball as quickly as he can before he gets tackled!
Kate running in the sunset.

Rochelle, Me, and Krystal.
My girl.
She loves her broccoli.
Football games.

Baywatch shot.
Cute girl.
Rochelle entertaining Kate with lots of bubbles.

Friday, July 4, 2008

This is REALLY what we do all summer...

We go to the waterpark! We go twice every week. I go once by myself with the kids once, and we go every Saturday after baseball games. It is our favorite memory about living here, and our third consecutive summer there!

Kate is crazy and goes down all the waterslides(I go with her on the bigger ones of course!). They all LOVE IT!

Kate is Potty trained....well.....almost

Little Chauncey holding up her shirt this moring so I could take this picture of her in her princess undies.

She is doing great! She only has about 1 accident a day, most days. She is starting to tell us when she needs to go potty, otherwise I just put her on the potty about once an hour and she goes.

The only thing she isn't doing yet is going number 2. Its pretty funny to see how strategic she is when she has to go number 2. Just yesterday, I knew she needed to go, I had put her on the potty 2 or three times and she wouldn't. Then, my mom called, so I was on the phone, and as soon as she could she went out the back door and went outside and did it out there, hiding herself. Poor girl!

Independence growing and growing...

Kate insists on always holding her own spoon, fork, etc, even with cereal, or in this case spaghetti. She always makes a huge mess. But, its great timing for her getting good "practice" at being independent!

Kate and Her Biggest Brother

Just some pictures the kids took on a Sunday afternoon.