Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Many Makes Mommy Melt Moments...

"I am the luckiest mommy in the world!"
This is what I think to myself when I get those Make Mommy Melt Moments, or so I like to call them.
Little Chauncey, Jack, Kate, and I were all dancing to "On the Radio" when I was taking turns swinging, holding upsidedown, etc. each of then while we were dancing to the song.
After Chauncey had had a turn, I gently put him down on the chair and he looked up at me with the most adoring smile you've ever seen and a soft voice and he said "You make me so Happy Mommy".
I love my children.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kirtland Temple after church

We took some pictures the other day after chruch at the Kirtland Temple. Our Building is 1/4 mile down the hill from the temple.Enjoy!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A 5 year old STAR WARS Birthday

Chauncey has such a great time at his birthday party! All of his friends that he wanted there were, and they all had such a terrific time.
Upon arrival, Chauncey handed each of his friends thier very own light saber I made, that they took home with them. They kept the meteors(balloons) up with thier light sabers to practice. Then little Chauncey got to lead them in some fantastic Jedi training, where he taught them 3 or 4 of his favorite moves. I will try to get some of the video clips of this uploaded, you have to see it!

Then we did a craft while we waited for Darth Vader(Big Chauncey) to invade our planet. Then, one by one, they took turns jumping through the lava hole on meteors to get to fight Darth Vader and win the battle.

After that it was just cake presents and a pretty pathetic pinata I made.

I can't wait to do it again next year!
Princess Leia and Yoda (Kate)

The party kids being briefed on Star WarsChauncey training his friends on how to use a light saber
The party kids practicingChauncey dueling with Darth Vader
Darth Vader's ultimate demisePrincess Leia doing crafts with the party kids
Chauncey opening presents
Yoda chomping on party candy!

Family pictures in Raleigh....

We took a few pictures on Thanksgiving day in the Wests backyard. They turned out ok. We don't like trying for a great picture because of the kids, so we typically take what we can get in under two minutes!!

Thanksgiving in Raleigh with the West's

The Wests have a fire pit outside and we took full advantage of making smores and even the tin foil dinners.
Kate was a big help in decorating the gingerbread houses this year!
We went ot a really fantastic hiking trails area complete with a stream.
Here we all are exept poor Chauncey, I tried to be the one taking the picture, after all it is his family.
Here is said stream.
The boys made thier very own pumpkin pies with Grandma Wests help.

Chauncey was eating baby Georges "dirt".

We drove to Raliegh and arrived there 10 hours later. The kids did the best they have ever done on the trip, even Kate did really well. What a relief! I fear the car with my kids. They don't know how to sit still for very long. I think its much better to be as active as they are rather than not, but in car situations I am not as sure!

We had a great visit with the Bunton's who were also visiting. We did a lot of baseball practice, going to parks, making gingerbread houses, and of course eating! It was a great trip. Thank you George and Ruth!!