Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Chauncey

I made some "cupcakes" which were really a vanilla muffin recipe made with yogurt that I was trying out. I thought they were really good, and the first one the boys seemed to really like too.
The next day Little Chauncey was eating another one and he said, "When this muffin is in my mouth it tastes really bad. You should just throw this recipe away."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

3rd Annual Summer West BBQ's

We are the designated house for BBQ's in our among our friends. Last night we had our first one for this summer. It was very enjoyable, and completely not stressful. We just got to relax and enjoy our friends. The kids all had a great time together too. It is so funny to see Kate play with the big girls. She is just one of them now it seems!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Do your kids look like this when you let them watch TV?

My boys are learning...

Yesterday we got home from the store and it was almost 1 o'clock, naptime. So, I left the groceries outside and told the boys I was going to go put Kate to bed, so if they wanted to earn a treat they could both bring all the groceries inside. Chauncey had gotten Cheetos for his treat andasked if he could earn those. I said yes.
I went upstair and tried to put her down. She just didn't want to go! So it took me 10 minutes upstairs. When I came down they had brought all the groceries in. Even all the milk jugs, and they had dug out the cheetos from all the bags, gotten my swissors out of my baskets, and cut the bag open! They were in the middle of the floor chomping thier cheetos.
I am glad that they are catching onto the idea that they can do most things for themselves intead of waiting/asking Mommy to do it!

Playing in the Creek on Family Nite

Thier dam.

Kate just "testing" the water.
Chauncey looking for cool bugs under bigger rocks.
Chauncey and Jack crossing thier self made dam.
All three boys worked together to build a dam in the creek. It worked surprisingly well actually. Kate tried to help too. It was fun to watch them working together!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It was 95 degrees on Monday...

Lincoln with Jack and Chauncey
Thier friend Daisy.

Chaunceys shorts fell down...

So we had tons of fun playing in water in our backyard with lots of our friends! We had driven so much over the weekend with camping and church, that we opted to stay home instead ofgoing to the waterpark for this very hot day.... and the kids had a great time with many of thier friends!

Another Camping adventure...

We went camping with friends to the John Johnson Farm(church history site). The kids had a great time.

Big Chauncey, well, just didn't! He had such bad allergies that his eyes swelled shut, regardless of how much Claritin he took! It was just miserable for him. He was sick for almost 2 days after. Poor Chauncey! We'll never go camping there again!