Monday, September 26, 2011

Another beach trip and Fort Fisher Aquarium

Jackson, kate and Chauncey got to pet star fish and sea urchins.

Jackson likes the stingrays.

Here we are petting a crab but I can't remember what kind:(

This was cool. This was a tooth from a shark called the megalodon from 20 million years ago. They found this tooth in NC. He was as long as a school bus!! Really cool. They had a replication of his jaws.

Here is an octopus.

And here is our family.


There were fish and frogs in this lily pad tank.

-we had a great learning experience here!!! I love NC!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

More fun

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Baseball game fun

When I started to take this picture of Max he said "cheese"! I didn't know he talked! He said "push" today too. Crazy kid.

Bella was doing something funny with her face here.

The kids playing at the park while little Chauncey plays his baseball game.


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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More fun in Raleigh swimming

YouTube Video

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best friends forever

Our trip to Raleigh this weekend was filled with best friendships!

Kate with Kinsey hill and Eliza Strawn

Jackson with Killian

Chauncey with Spencer

The Agnellis

Chauncey with connor
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day weekend in Raleigh

We've had so much fun so far! Little Chauncey and I came up early Saturday morning and went to his best friend Connors tackle football game.

They were beaten pretty badly, but it was fun to see Connor play! I adore Connors mom Jenny so it was a special treat for me too-Chauncey stayed with Connor for the day and slept over.

Then I went shopping for 6 hours and still didn't make it to every store I wanted. Oh well. I'll just have to come back soon!

At 7 I picked up two of my very favorite people in Raleigh, Sharon Strawn and Kimberly Harris. We went to dinner on main street in Durham by the baseball field. We had a fantastic time talking and talking and laughing! We had so much fun that the restaurant closed and we stayed:) We talked until 12:30..... I miss these girls so much! Sadly I never took a picture:(
The next morning I met the rest of the family at church at 9 am. I am so proud of Chauncey! He got all four kids ready for church and left the house at 7:30 to make it to church by 9 in Raleigh! Impressive.
It was so great to see everyone! I was in heaven in primary and stayed there. They needed help and I was more than happy to jump in:) Collin Harris and I are now bff's.

After church we went to the Agnelli's, our old neighbors and best friends. We had another really great time! The kids were all on cloud nine!

Max got tired so we went to the Embassy Suites around 5:30 and set up camp for the night minus Chaincey who slept over at the

Bella put on my shirt and daddys shorts...shes said "this is too big"

This morning we are going swimming, then Jack goes to Killians house, Kate goes to Elizas house, and Chauncey goes to Spencers house, leaving us with two babies and several hours of shopping time! Fun! I am looking forward to the day.
Kate has a birthday party to go to for Kinsey Hill at 4:30, so we will go home after that.
Thank you to all our wonderful and amazing friends for the fantastic weekend!
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The way home from the beach

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Kate and Kate

Here Kate built a Lego tower that she was proud of.

And here lily came over and brought Kate and Bella special pictures she made. Thank you lil!

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Saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa for another year

I hate saying goodbye! Bella was so concerned for grandma when she was leaving that she insisted that grandma took her baby doll with her to china to keep her company! Grandma had to go with it and she stuck it in the mailbox on the way out!:) it was too cute. The girls were the only ones home when they left. They were sad:( I was even sadder.

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Little Chauncey a baseball star

He's so cute in his baseball gear! It's fun for me to watch him play. He has very natural abilities with sports. This is his first year playing baseball since teeball. It's 10 and under kid pitch. In Fayetteville they take ball seriously! He's having a lot of fun and I think he's learning!

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Carolina beach trip

We played hookie from life and took off to Carolina beach. I love how close we live and how easy it is to go to the beach! Carolina beach was beautiful.

Bellas girly pose

And Bella in true form...

Bella LOVED the waves this time. Last year she wouldn't even go near them, and today she was so crazy. She had a blast.

My baby max


The boys took off to the water as soon as we walked onto the beach and didn't come put for a break for 2 full hours! Jack and Chauncey were in beach heaven.

I had a hard time getting any pictures of jack because he literally never came put of the water except once to eat:)

Daddy wrote bellas name and she liked it.

Max took a nap in the car on the way over, but it wasn't enough! He fell asleep around 4.

What a great day! I live my family!
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