Monday, December 19, 2011

Princess tea party and Disney on ice

Liz, Cynthia and I threw a tea party for the little princesses in our lives! It was spectacular! What fun we all had eating delectable treats and spending some quality time together.

The show was pretty great. They started with tiana, then Cinderella, and ended with tangled. At the end of te show every princess came out in gold sparkly dresses for the finale. It was pretty neat for every princess !

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Happy 9th birthday today Chauncey!!!

My very first sweet little baby boy was born 9 years ago tonight. From the very first minute he was a sweet, kind hearted and gentle soul. Chauncey has surpassed every expectation any parent could have for thier first child. He teaches all of us how to be more like Christ by his example. We are so grateful to have this precious spirit in our family.

We took Chauncey and a few of his friends to monkey joes Friday night to celebrate. It was a record breaking 6 ad a half hour birthday party. He felt so big staying out until 9:30! He had a great great day.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 5(last day) Hollywood Studios

Jake and the neverland pirate. After we finished the Disney junior live on stage show she HAD to meet him. I am so glad she did!

Beauty and the beast musical...of course was wonderful in every way. We even met this adorable Brazilian family sitting in front of us who were loving max and the girls!

This is a picture of the picture of Chauncey and I on the tower of terror. Back row on the eight side, furthest to the left. I have a hat on.

This ride was surprisingly amaazing and scary!!!
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Day 4 Magic Kingdom

Here we are waiting on another playground for the Boys to get off of Splash Mountain.

Me and the boys on splash mountain after the big splash!

Astronomer orbiter-actually from day one magic kingdom ride 1

The boys and I on splash mountain.

Kids enjoying mickey mouse ice cream!

All of us minus daddy and max on the mad tea party tea cups!

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Day 3 animal kingdom

This was a really amazing playground in dinoland. They wanted to spend more time than we did here.

We waited for the Chaunceys to ride mount everest here and ate lunch. See the monkeys all over in the background?! Animal kingdom is an amazing place.

The rest of these pictures are taken on a safari. All the animals are very real!!! This is an amazing "ride".


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Day 2 magic kingdom

We were covering both tomorrow land and fantasyland this day.

Jack on top of the dumbo the flying elephant ride!

Everyone pulling the sword and the stone.
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Day 2 Magic kingdom day 1

The next day we went to the magic kingdom! Before the park even opened the girls and I had breakfast at cinderellas castle at the round table.

We were greeted by Cinderella in the foyer, then we climbed to the top of the castle and sat and ate some breakfast.

While eating aurora came over and talked with each of the girls and hugged them and took pics.

Next belle came to meet us. She was so sweet and caring meeting he girls! Then bellas favorite snow white came! She was the best. She loved and hugged and talked with each of the girls. She even kissed Bella on the cheek!

It was the sweetest thing I had seen in a long time. More pics to come later.
Next belle came, then Ariel! It was the most magical thing I have ever experienced! And I'm 30....I'm sure the girls were amazed!
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Disney world!!!

The first day we went to rocky and ride mission space, test track, memo ride and talking with crush and the soda tasting. We checked out all the different countries and stayed for the fireworks show at night. It was way better run I was expecting!

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