Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Littl tid bits about our princess Kate

These pictures are of Kate in a princess dress Mamaw Nixon got for her. She is finally walking and tall enough to wear it around the house! I love it. She walks around the house pretending to talk on the phone.

Here is Jack with his Kate...he is always asking for her if she isn't with him, or asleep. He adores his baby sister.
Kate is so smart! She can say any word you ask her to just about, she remembers colors, where her body parts are, is very social with people saying hi and bye and smiling at them in stores.

Kate learned the color purlple last nite, and where her head and nose were. She still remembered them this morning when I asked her. Crazy huh?! She also tells her brothers nite nite and kisses them before bed every nite. As soon as Daddy walks in the door she walks towards him with both arms wide open and saying Dada as loud as she can muster.

She is the sweetest little girl I could have ever asked for. She and I are having so much fun together!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grandpa King's visit

Grandpa King came to visit for Halloween. While he was here we went to a "Trunk or Treat" party at the Church. All of the kids were pirates. They had a lot of fun playing and making decorative bags.
They had the most fun playing outside and getting candy from their friends.

We also went to Chucky Cheese while Grandpa was here. The kids had so much fun.

Family Night at the Park

We went to a new park for family night a couple weeks ago. We all loved it! Chauncey was so into this rubber zip line.

Melly even got into it as well.

Jackson coming up a ladder.

Here we have Kate chomping on some yummy "oral" friendly wood chips.

Mighty Jackson just got a big hit!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Princess Kate's Sweet Dance Moves

We have been dancing to music every morning and the kids just love it. Kate is starting to feel the beat!