Friday, June 19, 2009

Criuse-Part 2 A Day Snorkeling in Cococay

Brce and Krystal, Melanie and Chauncey, and Caprice and John going snorkeling!
Melanie looking at stuff.

The best picture we got of Melanie swimming with the tropical fish.


Chauncey and Melanie diving down.

Chauncey with the little fishies.

Caprice and John underwater.

Melanie diving down to the wrecked plane.

John and Caprice diving down to the wrecked plane.
Chauncey with the fishies.
In about the center of the picture there was a fish called the Lion fish. He was piosonous. Very very pretty. He was kinda hiding under the rock.

Krystal and Caprice at left, John at right. Look at Krystal's face in the picture-hilarious.

The guys on thier floating mats.

Chauncey and Mel.

The whole gang on our floatie mats.

Chauncey and John doing a dive down.

Chauncey and Bryce doing a dive down.

Our Cruise with the Whites and Walkers-Part 1

I will post e underwater camera pictures next- Cruse- Part 2. This is some of the pictures from the ship!
Two weeks after graduation we took our first Cruise with our best friends from Dental School Byce and Krystal White and Caprice and Johnathan Walker. They will forever be our friends. We had such an amazing time with these guys and really fell in love with them as couples so much! They were both so much fun to be with! Its amazing how much more fun we are as couples when the kids are away and we get to just play!
This cruise was the best thing Chauncey and I have ever done before, and we have been on quite a few vacations together and apart. I would highly recommend it! A big shout out to John and Caprice for setting this whole thing up! I can't wait for next year!!!!!
On our last night at dinner with our servers George and Constantine. They were so much fun!

My personal favorite picture...
The girls....We had the best time together. I love these girls so so much!

Me eating my very first escargot(sp?). It was just fine and a little bit tasty. Bryce and John tasted it with me. Everyone else chickened out!
Before dinner in front of the perfume shop. We went in every nite before dinner and tried something on. I have been wanting Juicy couture perfume for a long time and she had the sample but nothing to buy, so I kept asking her for the sample to "try on" several nites in a row!

Us in front of our ship "The Majesty of the Seas".

The girls at dinner.

The guys at dinner-Bryce is hysterical with all of his funny faces.

Here we were departing Miami.

Enjoying a little Ice Cream!!