Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pool party pics

I didnt have my phone outside to take pool swimming pictures so i will get them uploaded from the camera someday and add those!

Here are some inside ones.
Look how pretty Liz and Ashley are!

Some of the mommys

A sideways picture of the Daddys

Kate with all of her presents from lilah.

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Kates presents

Hannah was so so cute helping Kate open her presents. The things they say make me laugh!

Ms. Lily is such a lady helping Kate.

This picture is blurry but look how cute Lilah is sucking her thumb! She is adorable!

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Jackson opening presents

The Deca boys were so cute and excited while jack opened his presents....


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Jack and kates 7th and 5th birthday pool party

Here ate Thier cakes. I was summoned to make princess aurora and timez attack alien. Uncle James created this computer game, timez attack it's awesome and jack obviously loves it!

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First day of school

The boys started school on Thursday this week. We visited the school and met the teachers and bus driver. I think they really like it. When they got home the first day Jackson said he already has a friend! Chauncey said he has 3 buddies. So far so good.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to school celebration!

Yea! We had a great time at our back to school celebration today! The kids start school Thursday so we celebrated today be hitting chuck e cheese(at Bellas request) then Fazolis for lunch.

Here they are with Thier prizes....all cotton candy and suckers....they were obviously hungry!

They paired off to get tickets together. Chauncey took Bella, jack took Kate.

Daddy played with Maxi-moo

Jack hit the jackpot on a game and won 50 tickets...I will add the video but I missed the first and best part of the celebration.

Kate with her fazolis.

They really liked the breadsticks. Who doesn't!

Bella ate forever! She really liked it and kept going and going and going.....

Chauncey didn't enjoy the meal, just the breadsticks.

What a face!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ice cream !

Sundays are Chaunceys menu/prayer day. He chose this for dinner.....

And this for dessert.....

-They really enjoyed getting Thier own cones and fixing them just the way they wanted!
Cute kids.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Funny Max

YouTube Video

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Entertaining the durrants and graves families

This was lots of fun and we will definitely be having these guys over often. We are so grateful to have such amazing friends!

-Bella did a hot dog pose.

Graves family looking stunning.

Mr. James Durrant

Lily gave herself horns for the picture!

Chauncey gave Harrison horns for this picture.

Liz is going to live me for posting this one!
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Saturday morning breakfast

Little Chauncey and I made these this morning for breakfast. Way fun, and they taste great too!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Batting practice

I got to go with the Paul family(my new neighbors) to Thier private lessons for batting and pitching. It was so so much fun! I felt like I was a teenager again! It made me realize how much fun it will be to grow up with my babies and play sports with them!
Here I am hitting some balls.

This was yesterday....I am so sore today! My forearms and my back. It was so totally worth it though!

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Batting practice


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