Saturday, September 29, 2007

kranky kids = miserable mommies

Kate has croupe which is just a hoarsy sounding cough. Basically, its a swelling of the esophagus. Can this be hereditary? Each of our children have gotten this a few times a yaer, usually in winter. Its really not a big deal, but makes them feel a bit miserable for a few days. Kate is in her day 2 of it, and is not a happy girl.
Does this mean there is no going to the island in Lake Erie today as planned? Does it mean that we can't even go to the Museum on Museum Day? Yes-Museum day is a realy day and its today-free admission. What a bummer.
After watching Premier Week with Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, and Ugly Betty, I am left feeling vulnerable.
We use our bodies in such a careless manner, not realizing how fragile our bodies, and our health really is. After watching Private Practice, and learning that my Mom has a liver enzyme count of 170 when below 40 is normal, I had a huge Reality check.
One of my children actually could get cancer and die at age 10. My mom may not outlive me.
Its funny how when reminded of the ugly truths of life, we really embrace the here and now and the people we love, and our pristine house, and our size 4 jeans don't seems to matter at all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kate's a dancing girl

Kate always climbs into this car and pushes a button that plays several different songs that have a really good beat to them. She jams and smiles the entire song! I caught her and Jack dancing this morning! I need to figure out how to post the video of it....its hilarious!

Toy Story 2 tryouts

The boys were watching Toy Story 2 and Chauncey assigned Jack to be Woody, and he was Buzz Lightyear. They proceeded to act out each scene of the movie. The funniest part was when Jack was being carried around in the mouth of the Dog out to the garage sale outside to save Wheezy!

Cute Kate

Kate's our next big athlete!

After our family nite lesson we all sat in a circle and taught Kate how to play catch with the ball. She caught on right away and was so cute and excited and proud of herself! She's the sweetest little girl and has such an amazing spirit about her. She has been a perfect baby and a joy to be around always. Oh, I hope we have another girl someday!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hiking in Cleveland?

After church Sunday, we decided to take a stroll in a park near Kirtland that has a lot of trails you can walk through, its so beautiful!
The kids LOVE hiking of course, and they had thier new friend Harrison with them which added to the fun.

Boys being boys.
This picture didn't workout because Jack wanted to jump ou tthe castle window.
Beautiful Durrant girls.
Chauncey teaching the kids about how leaves change color.
Kate as waving...but I missed it, dang it!
This is the Durrant Family...they are quickly becoming some of our best friends out here, they are so completely terrific and fun!

A Monday at the Cleveland Zoo...

Jack jumping on the kangaroo jumps.
See her in the distance?

Jack poses while seeing the Koalas.
They are all posed out!
Jack investigating this goats ear.
Jack and the goat with the goatee.
Jack and the donkey.
Chauncey jumping on the Kangaroo jumps.
He has good height!

Kate points at everything and says, "What's that?"
Notice Chauncey's foor in Jack's head because I was alone at the zoo, so no one could hold him up!
Jack as the kanga baby.

We love the Fall season in Cleveland. We have been going to the beach a lot lately on the warmer days, yes, we have beaches in Cleveland that are actually pretty nice!
We have truly been enjoying life. We have so much fun each day when we wake up. We had a Family night lesson tonight on "Happiness is a Choice", how much more appropriate could a lesson be?!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Last Day at Geauga Lake! (for the year)

This is the ball area where you can shoot balls on three different levels and climb up ropes.
See, it is really fun!
On the top level...

Last Saturday was the last day our favorite amusment park Geauga Lake will be opened this season. So we just had to go. The temperature was very chilly for September so we all had to bundle up.

Family Night Bowling

We went bowling for family night last Monday and the kids just loved it. Chauncey and Jackson both loved throwing the ball as hard as they could. Jackson often got the 6-pound ball stuck in the middle of the lane. Kate loved just crawling around messing with stuff.
Chauncey very focused on bowling a STRIKE!
Jackson high-fiving Mommy after a sweet bowl!
Daddy helping Jackson bowl a little harder
(he kept getting the ball stuck in the middle of the lane).