Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Chauncey's Baptism

The night before little Chuncey's baptism, Christmas day night, we had a testimony meeting within our family unit. It was wonderful. Each of us took turns bearing a testimony of something to little Chauncey. It was so wonderful for him to feel thier spirits, and to know that his family also believes the same things we do.
The next morning we woke to tons and tons of snow! It was remarkable and unseen in North Carolina! Church was cancelled. His baptism was set for after the block of meetings. So, we kind of decided it may be cancelled. But, the sun came out, and I went for a drive around 2 pm and decided that the baptism was still on! Just our family in attendance with Brother Barker, the 1st counselor in the bishopric. What a unique and wonderful experience for us all.
I love the symbolism of the newly fallen snow washing cleaning, making white every surface on the morning of his baptism! So beautiful it is never to be forgotten.
Here is everyone at Little Chauncey's Baptism, the first West Grandchild to be baptized. He was so excited. Chauncey truly understands the gospel principles of baptism and the covenants that he made this day. He has a very special Spirit and a kind heart.

When Big Chauncey performed the ordinance of baptism I felt the spirit so strongly. I know Heavenly Father was so pleased that Chauncey made the concious choice to be baptized. Tears filled my eyes as he came out of the water, the spirit permeated the room.
It made me reflect back on the feelings I felt when I was baptized. They were so fresh in my mind. I wonder if its like that for everyone. I had the uniquely wonderful problem of really knowing the difference of when the spirit is present or not. It was definately a blessing for me. I think little Chauncey is learning this.
We are so grateful to our wonderful family who was willing to make the long trip out to attend this very special event for our family. We love you all so much!

the kids opening gifts from our beautiful friend from Cleveland Gina, who is the best gift giver we know!

Max opening Gina's present which is his current favorite toy.

The boys playing the toy story 3 game Gina sent them. Thanks you Gina! The presents were PERFECT as always!

Ruth's confused look when Chauncey gave her her present from Him and it was a Kindle! She wasn't expecting it from Chauncey. It was great!

Chauncey bought Grandma a Kindle for christmas. This is her confused look after Chauncey gave it to her, she thought George was giving her one!
The girls LOVE thier parasols grandma gave them for christmas!

This is a book Gina, our dear friend from Cleveland, sent her for Christrmas. It is so fun!

Feeding the ducks at lake lynn. Theres so many of us!

Family picture.

The boys got scooters from Santa.
Here they are opening them. They were very suprised!

Christmas breakfast Grandma had asked each of them what they wanted with no limitations. Do you think she was happy?

Trix with cherry coke for Jackson, cinnamon roll on the side.

Chauncey ordered a bottle of Diet Coke and cinnamon roll.

They really love eachother.
Meditating Grandma.

Normal and cute as can be!
Little Chauncey with his stocking!

Jackson Christmas morning with his stocking.
Bella playing with Kate's princess Kitchen from Santa.

This is the rocket launching baloon recording fun.

Kate loved her princess talking kitchen!

Grandma and Grandpa got rocket launchers to play with. And Uncle James did a recording of us from high in the sky with balloons. VERY COOL.
This sums up how the babies got along!

This too.

Kate thrilled with her Pillow Pet!

So was Jackson!

This was the west family gift to all the children on christmas eve to sleep with. Pillow Pets! To say they were thrilled is a large understatement.
West Men.

Our walk. Cousin James Eleanor, and Gigi, Chauncey, Bella, Kate.

Bella giving Love to the West Men.

My girls.

Uncle AJ and Baby Tristan.

This was our Christmas Eve tradition of telling the Birth of Jesus and the kids all dressed up and read along and sang along with us. It was great. Ruth made a new version this year with Primary Songs.

We went playing in the snow. Gigi, Eleanor Bella Jackson, Kate and Chauncey.

My Little Santa Baby.