Friday, May 30, 2008

Here is my about 6 and 1/2 months pregnant picture. I was going to post by month, but it has been 7 weeks since my 5 months picture, so here is my "baby belly".
Oh, and by the way, this is the biggest I have ever been in a pregnancy. Pathetic I know.

A wet day of baseball

We were sick of the rain keeping us we braved it and went to play anyways. It was great fun.

Our trip to the Beach....Florida

We just got back from our last trip for this Pensacola Beach! It was AMAZING to say the least. We loved every minute....and needed even more of it! It was the best family vacation!
They even swam at night...

A bucket of sea shells.
Hunting for seashells our last nite on the beach.

This was the pool right on the beach at our Hotel.

A Body boarding pro now...

Kate in our hotel room at lunchtime.

They did this a few times....
Isn't she awesome!?

Mamaw helping Little Chauncey Body board.
Chauncey's first attempt....
Kate and I playing in the sand. She LOVED it!
Jackson in his element with his body board.


Our trip to the Country

Each year we take a trip to visit my grandparents in Mississippi. We get the chance to truely live in the country...atleast for a few glorious days.
This trip we rode the four wheelers through thier wooded trails; dug out red potatoes from the garden for dinner, and played in the 90 degree heat with the waterhose. It was great!

My papaw and my mom together on the front porch.

My Mamaw helping little Chauncey and Jack wash the potatoes they dug from the garden.

My Mom with Kate.
Washing potatoes. the Cold

Our faces just about say it was too cold for camping.
The kids still had a great time though!

We will just have to wait until June to go again!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Little Chauncey asked an interesting AND thoughtful question just after prayers before bed...."Why do ONLY the boys in our Family go to school?" I set him straight quickly!

Also, as I was putting him to bed tonite(I always scratch his back and talk with him before he falls asleep) he revealed to me that he had bad dreams almost every nite and last nite it was about bees stinging him and a car hitting him. So I told him that he can think of how wonderful heaven will be with our family and about Heavenly Father before he falls asleep, and that we can sing primary songs instead of talking to help him think of good things before falling asleep, he actually fell asleep in the middle of Families Can Be Together Forever.

Kate was lying on my lap outside this evening and we were talking with Daddy and watching the birds and airplanes fly by and she kept talking, "Bird, tweet, tweet,(then panted like a dog) bye bird". Same with airplanes.
Then a bird landed next to her half eaten sandwich and started eating it and she said, "Bird eat sandwich".

Jack earned his 3 treats and did great being sweet all day, until after dinner. He was disobedient. So we threatened the three treats, and he didn't oblige. When we gave little CHuancey is treats, Jack was very sweet and understood and didn't throw a fit even though we knew he really wanted them.