Saturday, October 20, 2007

Amish Country Day Trip...

Little Chauncey wanted to send Kate down the'll see how she reacted!!

Here she is!! Scared for her life!
Thank goodness I have a Mommy!

Little Chauncey has gotten really good at taking pictures of US!

This why you wait until fall to go to Amish Country.
This was taken at the Wal-Mart!!
Wal-Mart parking for the horse and buggys only!!
We took a day trip out to Amish Country today to see the fall
leaves....and of course to satisfy our curiosity about the Amish!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kate is walking!!

Isn't she so cute!!

Everone needs a little encouragement!
Chauncey picks her up every time she falls.

There she goes!
Dancing to music-a morning rutal.

Kate is walking on her own more and more. Here are some pictures of her this morning with the help of her brothers.

Pictures of Our House in Dental school.....for Rachel

Breakfast nook
Living room
Other half of living room-its a big room.

Basement play zone(unfinished)
Half bath on the main level.
Dining Romm into kitchen. Notice Kate...she does this all the time!
Dining Room with built ins.
Half of Living room.

Our house right now...
Back yard...
and more back yard...we built the fence ourselves!(well, chauncey and Co. did)
My french Tour De Eiffel shower curtain for you Rach!
Our original tiled bathroom floor circa 1927.(LOVE IT!)

I took all these pictures 2 months later than promised because Rachel really wanted to see what our house looked like. So here ya go Rach! It took me so long because I wanted it to be clean before taking them....but that never happened so I impulsively went around taking pictures this morning just to get it done. So, please don't zoom in too close and see the dirt!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Sunshine...

This is my FAVORITE Jack face.

They all play this game where they pull all the chairs out and make forts with them.

Here are a few picstures from this morning. Kate got a runny nose so I stayed home from church with her. I love church clothes in the wintertime! Atleast that's one good thing about cold weather.